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Your hair is a celebration
of your beauty, not your ability.

Unstereotype- Your hair is a celebration of your beauty, not your ability, Nihar Naturals.
Perceptions, assumptions, stereotypes- they come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. We decided to take charge and change them!

Unstereotype and
Untangle from Judgements

Our movement #Unstereotype aims to move away from all the moulds that shackle the potential of women.

#Unstereotype stories

Alokananda Roy

"Why should I look like a social worker, if I am one?"

Alokananda Roy breaks stereotypes that come with her hairstyle and attire every day. Your looks don’t define you. Your work defines you.

Pratima Poddar

Meet Pratima Poddar, a wife, a mother, and a bus driver! After her husband's unfortunate accident, she took over his bus driver job. Today, she breaks stereotypes as she dons her role as an ace truck driver and entrepreneur while looking "Like a housewife"! Here's how Pratima builds courage to #UnStereotype and proves her worth to the world.

Nilanjana Banerjee

"A lean body builder who's also a radio jockey?"

You read that right! Here's Nilanjana Banerjee whose body building capabilities were questioned because of her lean looks. Watch how she breaks that #UnStereotype, one day at a time!

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