Our generation believes in experimenting with our hair- coloring it, straightening it, curling it! We put our hair through so much! From exposure to everyday pollution when we step out, to washing our hair with hard water- all this leads to the hair getting damaged, dry and dull.

Wondering how you can repair this? Well, all it takes is one wonder ingredient – Coconut Hair Oil!

That’s right! It’s the only oil that can go 10 layers deep to nourish hair from within.

Which is why:
  • It repairs pollution damage in just 5 uses and keeps the hair protected*
  • Keeps hair super soft and smooth

Need Proof?

Here are a few simple tests you can try at home to experience the magic of coconut yourself!

Resham Ring Test

Pass your hair through a ring and find out if it’s as soft as it can be.

Sinking-Floating Test

Put your hair in a container of water to check for damaged caused by pollution.

Coconut Hair Oil protects your hair from damage, and makes it soft, smooth and beautiful. Try it and experience the magic!