Best Hair Oil for Hair Growth and Thickness

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Women over generations have adopted Coconut oil to nourish their hair, and rightfully so! Coconut oil is the only oil that goes 10 layers deep. It nourishes your hair from roots to tips , making it thick and shiny!*

Today's women have many more hair concerns than before- rough hair, frizzy hair, hairfall, split ends, but Coconut oil has stood the test of time, fighting all these new age hair problems with great results.

*Based on a technical study
Benefits of Coconut for Hair

Nihar Naturals fights all modern hair problems with the power of Coconut and Methi to make your hair strong and beautiful**

** Based on a technical study comparing untreated Hair.
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Coconut oil protects your hair from external damage caused by


By adding a layer of protection

Hard Water

By preventing protein loss caused by shampooing*

Rough, Dry Hair

Nourishing 10 layers deep for smooth and soft hair

Weather Change

By reducing the weakening of hair in monsoons and preventing dryness of the scalp in winters.

Hair Coloring

By reducing split-ends and loss of hair protein*


Repairing hair and reducing split ends caused by heat

*Based on a technical study

Nihar Naturals care for your hair

Pour Nihar Naturals Hair Oil on your palms

Apply the oil from roots to tip and massage it well

Leave it on for an hour (Preferably overnight)

Shampoo your hair and let it air-dry for soft, smooth results!

Product Range

Nihar Jasmine

Nihar Naturals with Coconut, Methi, and Jasmine

The magic of Coconut and the strength of Methi with the delightful fragrance of jasmine

Nihar Rose

Nihar Naturals with Coconut, Methi, and Rose

The goodness of Coconut and the power of Methi with the sweet scent of rose

Nihar Natural Hair Oil

FAQ's - Hair Care Tips

Q. How can I protect my hair from damage caused by pollution?
A. Hair damage caused by pollution can have lasting effects on your hair. Thankfully Nihar Naturals coconut oil creates a protective layer around your hair and shields it from damage.
Q. I like colouring my hair but I’m afraid that it has caused damage over the years. What can I do?
A. While hair colour and bleach do cause some degree of hair damage, you can reverse it with some extra care, conditioning, and oil massages. No matter the hairstyle, you can enjoy the benefits of Nihar Naturals coconut hair oil which reverses damage.
Q. My hair is curly. How can I make my curls softer and smoother?
A. For softer, smoother hair be wary of sun and pollution damage. Give your hair a massage with coconut oil twice a week
Q. Will cutting off my damaged hair help grow healthier hair?
A. No matter the cause hair damage, you can reverse it with regular coconut oil care.
Q. I have been experiencing a lot of hair loss. What will help? Should I get a shorter haircut
A. Apply Nihar Naturals Coconut oil to your hair from the tip to the roots. Massaging your scalp increases blood circulation and boosts regrowth.
Q. I straightened my hair and now it’s really damaged. What can I do?
A. What your hair needs is nourishment and a protective layer. Coconut hair oil will give you exactly that.
Q. Can coconut hair oil protect from hard water damage?
A. Nihar Naturals Coconut hair oil gives you upto 99% protection from iron water. It forms a protective layer around your hair which ensures that it doesn’t soak up harmful iron water.
Q. Pollution has damaged my hair. Will coconut hair oil help?
A. Yes. Nihar Naturals Coconut hair oil offers upto 100% repair of damage caused by pollution.
Q. When can I see the results of coconut hair oil on my hair against pollution damage?
A. It takes just 5 uses for Nihar Naturals Coconut hair oil to repair pollution damage.
Q. How is coconut hair oil different from regular hair oil?
A. Unlike regular hair oil, coconut hair oil goes 10 layers deep, making your hair soft.
Q. How can I tell if my hair is damaged? I’ve tried a lot of different hair styles and hair products.
A. Take the Resham ring test. Trying passing your hair through a ring. Damaged hair gets entangled while passing through it. Coconut oil is good for your hair and will help reverse the damage.
Q. How can I tell if my hair is soft and healthy?
A. With Nihar Naturals coconut hair oil, you get hair that’s so soft that it passes through a ring like resham.
Q. How often should I oil my hair?
A. An oil massage twice a week should do the trick for strong, beautiful hair.
Q. Is hot coconut oil good for hair?
A. Benefits of coconut hair oil are many, but make sure that the oil is not too hot as it may hurt your scalp.